Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines πŸ‡­πŸ‡°

Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it if I am creating a new website!

In the mean time however, creating a new website will be a hassle since I spend a lot of time putting together our old one. It is upsetting to all of us I’m sure.

Yes I understand- I was mentioning google sites if you do have to recreate the site- good luck!

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I have contacted wix and they are not willing to give our website back.

That being said we are constructing a new website that will be completed in a week or less (hopefully by the end of the week)

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Hey everyone!

I am glad to announce our new website for Cathay Pacific VA. I would like to give a shoutout to @Chris_Hoover for the idea of using google sites. It definitly is amazing I would appreciate if you could all go check it out as I did spent a lot of time putting it together! Thanks!

Here is the link to the site:


Glad I could help! :)

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The website looks great!

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I have applied it!
Look cool!

Nice! Cathay Pacific is definitely one of my top favorites, and Hong Kong airport is my favorite airport, which is saying something cuz I’m not from China or Hong Kong! I would love to join this VA, but I gotta get global first, then get grade 2 lol… But anyways I really hope to see this VA takeoff (punz) and become just as beautiful as the actual airline!!!

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What is with these routes?
Dusseldorf, Manchester, Zurich, Madrid…

Thanks so much for setting up the new website! πŸ˜€
It looks awesome.

Hope to see you flying with Cathay Pacific VA soon!


Thanks! And btw you don’t need global or grade 2 to join. We accept pilots of all levels!

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Great! I will review you r application ASAP

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I still need to update our route map. However Cathay Pacific doesn’t offer routes to some of the cities you have listed

Thanks I really appreciate it!

Madrid CX315
DΓΌsseldorf CX379
Manchester CX219
Zurich CX383

Look ;)

Oh my bad. Il add those cities ASAP

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Hey Everyone!

As the CEO of Cathay Pacific VA, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you enjoyed whatever you are going to do. As a new Virtual Airline, we are trying are best to catch up with everyone and make our VA as good as possible. Above is our newly designed logo for the holidays. I hope you guys enjoy!

Please check our website out at:
Join us now at:

-Kevin Xu CEO of Cathay Pacific VA


Hey Everyone!

Cathay Pacific VA is glad to announce that we are sponsoring the official SkyTrax IF Virtual! For all the info, please check out the SkyTrax Virtual IFC thread post as well as the website!

SkyTrax IF Virtual Website:
Our Website:

Also don’t forget to vote for your 2017 favoirite VA’s here:


Hey Everyone! Sorry for the inactivity for Cathay Pacific VA. I hope you guys all enjoyed the holidays and also happy new years! Hope you all had a great time and hope you all had an amazing 2017. Cathay Pacific VA wishes all of you best of luck in 2018!

We will be planning lot of things coming in the future! Stay Tuned til next year! We will try and hopefully be more active and bring new and exciting things to our VA.

Sorry for this but any pilot applications will not be visited until probably 1/8/17. Hopefully you all can understand that my team and I is very buys. Thanks!

Our Website:
SkyTrax IF Virtual Website (in affiliation with):

-Kevin Xu


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