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Welcome to Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines

Welcome to Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines. I am the CEO of Cathay Virtual @K3v1nxu and I am happy to announce that Cathay VA has been redone and relaunched. The new Cathay Pacific VA was found on November 1st 2017 and is now officially being released! Here at Cathay we want to provide the best experience for all of our staff and passengers. We are always trying achieve the highest level of professionalism and hope you all of you can fly with us soon!

Our Website:
Join us as a pilot:



At Cathay we have the best staff. Our staff is here to make it a safer and more enjoyable place. Below you will find the furrent staff for our VA

Chief Excecutive Officer | Website Designer: @K3v1nxu
Chief Operating Officer: @Pilot999
Discord Admin: @matt737
Flight Schedule Manager: @Jaquille_Ajb


How to Join Us

We always put our staff and passengers first. Join us as a pilot and fly all around the world. To join us as a staff member please PM @K3v1nxu or @Pilot999 for available positions

To become a pilot, you must complete our pilot application. In the application, it will ask you about your flying experience and your credential. After you will out that, you must complete our pilot aptitude test which has a pass mark of 3/5 or 60%.

If you want to become a pilot click here. Please review our pilot rank requirements before you join. If you meet the qualifications for a rank you will be a direct entry into that rank. For example if you meet the minimum requirements for our first offer position, you will directly enter into our VA as a first officer. From there you can log flights and gain experience to rank up. If you do not meet the requirements for direct second officer. If you don’t meet the requirements for the direct second officer position or above, you will enter in our VA as a cadet. You must log ours with us in the Cirus SR22 until you meet the min requirements of the second officer.



Our Ranking System

Our ranking system is based on our performance in Infinite Flight. Below is the info for our ranking system (note Pilots are allowed to fly any aircraft for any airline anytime but if they want to log flight experience for Cathay VA they have to follow our regulations below):

*No flight experience required
[Must fly the cirrus sr22 and gain the experience required for second officer in order to rank up]

Second Officers:
*Must be at least grade 2 in IF
*Minimum of 1000XP in IF
*Minimum of 2 hours of flight time in any aircraft in IF
*Must have at lease 20 landings in IF
[Can fly any aircraft but are limited to 2 hrs of maximum operation]

First officers:
*Must be at least grade 2 in IF
*Minimum of 20000XP in IF
*Minimum of 10 hours of flight time in any narrow body or wide body aircraft in IF
*Must have at lease 50 landings
[Can fly any aircraft in the fleet]

Senior first officers:
*Must be at least grade 2 in IF
*Minimum of 50000XP in IF
*Minimum of 30 hours of flight time in any narrow body or wide body aircraft in IF
*Must have at lease 100 landings
[Can fly any aircraft in the fleet]

*Must be at least grade 3 in IF
*Minimum of 100000 XP in IF
*Minimum of 100 hours of flight time in any narrow body or wide body aircraft in IF
*Must have at least 400 landings
*Maximum of 100 violations
[Can fly any aircraft in the fleet]

Our Pilots:

Our Fleet | Our Routes

Our fleet are comprised of the most advanced aircraft today. We have 2 subsdiaries: Hong Kong Airlines and Cathay Dragon. Our fleet:

Cathay VA:
-Boeing 777-300er
-Airbus A330-300

Cathay Dragon:
-Airbus A321

Hong Kong Airlines:
-Airbus A320 (Generic Livery)

Our Fleet:

We have destinations all around the world including all of our subsidiaries.

Click here to view our route map:


Other Info

We will definitely have future events for our VA. To view more info please click here.

Our Communications service:
We use discord for our communication services for our pilots and staff. Join our VA to get access to our discord server!


Flight Schedule:
We have a flight schedule system. There are preschedule routes that pilots may fly (they should). Click here to view more.

Flight Logging:
To log flights in our Virtual Airline, you can fly our scheduled routes (click here to view more) or you may fly your own (but must be a cathay pacific route)

[highly preferably the pre scheduled routes]

After you complete a flight, you should log your flight. To log your flight, please fill out our google forum (Links are bellow). This will add to your flight experience with the VA.
Your flight log will only be excepted if you fly one of our aircraft and fly one of our designated routes!

Click here to view more:

Contact Us

We love any complaints, inputs ,etc from the public. Contact us at the following:

Contact us page
Email us
PM @K3v1nxu or @Pilot999

As the CEO, I would like to represent all of our staff and the real world Cathay Pacific. Thanks for your time and hope to see you flying with us soon! Don’t hesitate to contact @K3v1nxu or @Pilot999 if you have any questions!

Disclaimer: This is a virtual organization dedicated to the game Infinite Flight. Our virtual organization has no way in any affiliation with the real SkyTrax. All logos, images, slogans, etc. belong to their respective owners. This is in no way an impersonations of any real world companies/organizations. Everything on this website is used for purposes of our virtual organization.

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I am so glad to hear you are officially opening Cathay Pacific VA to the public. Hope to see you in the skies soon.

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Great looking VA! I would advice giving photo credits on those pics, but other than that, that is one of the most professional looking VA main threads I have ever seen!

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As @Delta_Alpha_Lima said you should put credits on those pics and you should also probably say that you are not affiliated with the real airline on your home page. Other than that great website!


The first airline I flew! I am happy for the opening of your virtual airline. Congratulations and good luck 👏🏼

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One of my favourite airlines and livery!


@Wattsup_jet @Delta_Alpha_Lima @Roy @kronos @DylanIE Thanks for your compliments and suggestions. It is very helpful and motivating especially when launching a new VA. Hope to see you all in the skies soon!


Hey Everyone! Unfortunately our website somehow got deleted. This is very upsetting to all of us at Cathay especially me because It took me a long time to create it.

I haven’t touched the website in about 3 days. I logged on today to see it and it is gone. Here is the url that doesn’t exist anymore:

Im doing my best to find out the issue and hopefully relaunch our website! In the mean time, we are still accepting pilot applications but don’t be surprised if I get back to you really late.

-Kevin Xu


Good News! We got our website restored! We are back online!

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That is great! Hope you don’t have to go through this again. Sun Country Virtual wishes you the best of luck and congrats on restoring your website! :)


Please check out our first event ever! Thanks to Plane and Pilot for organizing this event. Hope to see you all in the skies!


I tried the website just now, I think it’s back down…

I can confirm. Website is producing 404 not found error

Yep it’s happening now again. Don’t know what is going on. Going to contact wix about this

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Hey everyone!

An update on our website:

I have contacted wix about this and they replied with this email:


Long story short, wix told us that we have violated “their policy” by having a contact form on our website that “impersonates a login feature” so they blocked the account and the website. WTF?!?!?!?!?

Anyways I have sent them a reply today. Hopeful I convince them to unblock our website. If that doesn’t work I am afraid our website is gone forever which means we have to create a new one. The process of creating a new website will take around 2-3 weeks. I hope everyone whose interested in this VA / current members can understand and be patient through this. If you guys need any info on our VA, this thread will have all the information you need!

-Kevin Xu CEO of Cathay Pacific VA


Suggestion: use google sites- it’s easy- it looks good- and there’s really no policies- you know unless it’s illegal- anyway that’s what I used to make AAVA again. If you would like the link to our site to see how it looks just let me know :)


Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it if I am creating a new website!

In the mean time however, creating a new website will be a hassle since I spend a lot of time putting together our old one. It is upsetting to all of us I’m sure.

Yes I understand- I was mentioning google sites if you do have to recreate the site- good luck!

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I have contacted wix and they are not willing to give our website back.

That being said we are constructing a new website that will be completed in a week or less (hopefully by the end of the week)

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Hey everyone!

I am glad to announce our new website for Cathay Pacific VA. I would like to give a shoutout to @Chris_Hoover for the idea of using google sites. It definitly is amazing I would appreciate if you could all go check it out as I did spent a lot of time putting it together! Thanks!

Here is the link to the site: