Cathay Pacific VA

Cathay Pacific, in real life, is a world-known airline, known for their great service and wide range of routes. Here at Cathay Pacific Virtual Airline, we also want to replicate their great and legendary reputation. Although unable to provide some routes, we try our best to replicate them. Some routes will just have to wait until Global comes out. Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines is sure to give you a one of a kind experience.​

Want to join us? Great choice! No? Let me try to convince you. Our community is really kind and welcoming. We always welcome new Infinite Flight pilots to our airline to help and support them on their journey. At times, their might be conflict within our members, but at the end we learn that we are arguing over something really silly and continue to help each other. In this community, we build each other up and welcome new pilots.

Still not convinced? Well, here at Cathay Pacific we like to provide our crew with a wide range of options. We have four planes and over ten routes to choose from, that’s over 40 combinations! As you might remember, we used to have a fifth generic plane. However, to maintain realism we had to remove it.

Hopefully by now you are convinced to join Cathay Pacific Virtual Airline. All you have to do is apply on, after a few days there will be a email saying wether you are accepted or not.

Note: Want to view our routes and fleet? View it on the website.


Old Cathay has shut up shop! The other post was to announce that he is stating it again

He is unable due to community status, anyway I never shut it down so

Any applications? Opinions?

Oh yeah, and @Hankthegamer is route and fleet manager, with @Qantas_ryan being co-CEO, more positions open, JOIN NOW! At

Your question on average landing speed in the pilot application form. There is no average, the 777 may land at 150 kts and the A330 may land at 130 kts (thinking of the CX Fleet). All depends on wind speeds, weight, altitude above MSL, temperature etc

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I am afraid you have to be TL2( Member) and higher to start a VA and post about it on the IFC, you are only TS1 ( Basic user). So technically you aren’t allowed to start a Cathy Pacific VA, but keep reading and liking stuff on the IFC and you will be TL2 in no time !

Also please note: Introducing the Infinite Flight VA Regulatory Board



That was mine, you can join if u like

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CEO Assistant taken by: @mrpidgeon


First 4 pilots:


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Welcome to all new pilots!

Will yall be opening a Cathay Pacific Cargo too?

We are now opening positions to be part of the Cathay Pacific Marketing Team, or CPMT for short. This team will be led by @mrpidgeon and our Co-CEO @Qantas_ryan. To join, please PM me.

The job of the CPMT is to promote the VA and think of ways to gain pilots. Also CPMT is the team to organise events. I might not attend the events, but at
least 2 members of the CPMT must attend.

Don’t want to be marketing? YOU can be a pilot at

Go ! Cathay VA !!!

The CPMT will consist of a total of seven people. Accepting 5 applications…

Any applicants?

Great job you guys are doing, had a look at your website and it’s great! Great job you’re doing, best wishes for the future :)

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When can we have our first flight ?

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Also @SirPilotOfAviation can you invite me to the chat? This is my new account

Which chat?