Cathay Pacific to Launch Flights to Christchurch

Cathay Pacific is expecting to launch 4x weekly flights to Christchurch using the brand new A350. This would be a seasonal service with flights launching from October to March.

The service would be Cathay’s second service to New Zealand and their second seasonal service. Barcelona is their first.


A formal announcement is expecting to be presented in the next few days.


Its crazy how many new routes international airlines are opening in New Zealand Auckland had like 12 new airlines come last year lol.

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Ive flown into Auckland in Cathay Pacific, I think it’s a good move for them to make.

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I think it means another option for those who wants to fly to Europe/U.S. And I think CPA follows SIA footsteps to operate a route to Christchurch


did you fly on airbus a350 or before that?

No, not the A350. Although I’d like to.

I’d be very surprised if Cathay Pacific have the power to launch Christchurch. I mean they do have over millions of horse power in their fleet, but even that wouldn’t be enough to fire billions of tons into space. If they aren’t using their jet engines, what are they using? Nuclear power?

I’ll have to catch that when she comes in :p

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Seems as a nice route and in the gorgeous a350.

Here is official confirmation

CX123 HKG-CHC Wed, Fri, Sun
CX126 CHC-HKG Thur, Sat, Mon

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