Cathay Pacific starts Long Haul A350 services

Cathay Pacific has started its long haul A350 services with Dusseldorf being the launch city.

B-LRC Cathay’s 2nd A350 operated the flight. The second Long Haul destination will be London Gatwick as Cathay will resume service to the airport after many years absence. Both Dusseldorf and Gatwick will see it come 4 times weekly and probably daily service in the next year or so. After Gatwick the next destinations will be Auckland, Paris, Rome. They will start once they have more A350’s. They currently have 4 with one awaiting its testing procedures and should be delivered in the coming weeks.

Have fun spotting these planes if your in the area :)

Photo credit to the owner.



I want to live in Düsseldorf so bad right now!😫

Woohoo! That’s awesome, I’m gonna spot it! Another A350 at Düsseldorf :)

Can you send me pictures?

Yeah maybe but I don’t have a good camera just my iPhone 5s and I hope it won’t come to early or to late

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