Cathay Pacific Revamps @ EHAM - 101900ZMAR17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1900z

NOTAM: Hey guys, this is Cathay Pacific’s first event under new leadership so for our event we will fly in the Amsterdam region. Our starting airport is Amsterdam at the G and F gates. We will fly from Amsterdam, do a touch and go at Brussels then go to land at Düsseldorf. You can choose to either come in any Cathay Aircraft. Flight Plans are below.

Gates (we will add more if required):

G gates:

G79: @ Paulo_Henrique
G76: @ Ryan_Farell
G73: @ Milen_Jacob
G9: @ andy
G8: @ Marie_Sackett_Tretia
G7: @ Neel_Chawla
G6: @ Abhishek_Bhattachary
G4: @ XAlexV
G3: @ Tom_Luciani
G2: @ Dossym_Makhanov

F gates:

F9: @ mrpidgeon
F8: @ RedarPhel
F7: @ Tonnam_Tanawat
F6: @ MSR
F5: @J9J9T

We have made 2 flight plans due to weather. Closer to the time, we will announce which FPL we will use. Thanks.



Everyone is welcome, please comment down below for a gate.


Please put me on GATE G 79

I’ve added you. What callsign are you going to use?

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What day is it? If a weekend, I’ll be there

It’s a Friday at 5pm GMT

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Ok I’ll be there plz add me up there

Ok. Thanks for coming.

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What about PST, and what day? (Number)

It’s the 10th, 9am PST

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Oh, sorry can’t go, but if things are on a weekend I’ll be there

Ok. I’ll take you off the post.

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I’ll sign up for the VA

Ok. Please go to our website ( to register. :)

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I haven’t received your application…

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Okay you Can put CPA659

It needs to be a ‘Cathay ___’ Callsign

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Sign me up I will take gate G7 most likely on a 777-300ER!

My callsign is Cathay 658 super

Unless you’re flying an A380 or AN225 (which Cathay don’t operate either of) please don’t use a ‘Super’ callsign. It clutters up ATC and is just plain wrong.

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Do you mind having gate G76?

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