Cathay Pacific Restart

Cathay Pacific was originally started by @Hankthegamer, however, he has kindly let me takeover the VA and restart it. We are planning to have new and old routes. New and old planes in our fleet. As a new beginning, we need new photos for the new website. Is it possible for someone to give me some pictures, in the Cathay Pacific livery, except a320 and b787-9 (generic), of the following planes:

A320 Generic
B787-9 Generic


Co-CEO for me : )

Yes it’s a good idea for Qantas and Cathay to partner, great choice!!

Any photos?

Maybe you could use one one of these

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@Fynn for the second and last pictures, what planes are those? They look pretty good.

They are all 777 ,do you want the 787-9 and a320 and the 747 because I can take some photos

I just edited this one image

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It would be great, if you can get the A320 .

I have all aircarft of Cathay

Why the 787-9? They don’t have it in real life, and they don’t have any orders.

Who said we partnered with them? It’s a complicated as well as strict process to partner with Qantas Virtual.


In about 10 hours I’ll have some more good night

Maybe we could help:

Good point, replaced it with A340

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