Cathay Pacific orders 777-300s?

According to Wikipedia, Cathay Pacific has ordered 5 777-300s (non-ER) to replace their 777-200s and 2 older 773s. Can anyone confirm if this is true? And if it is, where will they get the 773s from?


Those aircraft are being bought from EK. Fun fact: the plane that burnt to a crisp on the runway in Dubai was to be sold to Cathay Pacific.


Thanks for the info! I guess this means we’ll be seeing CX 773s in the new livery then.

They’re all relatively young, they’ll probably be all repainted.

I wonder where B-HNL will go when CX retires all their 772s since it’s the first 777 built.

They should buy transaero’s 777-300s, it should be cheap.

Cheap but probably older and not as well maintained. Emirates keeps their planes in excellent condition and retires them at a young age for the airline industry, so it would seem reasonable for CX to buy from them instead.


Some people have told me that they will mostly go to Australia. There is more demand to go to Australia to and from Hong Kong. Since there is limited slots for all foreign carriers to Australia Cathay wanted to add more seats to keep up with demand. The 777-300 holds more seats then the Airbus A330. They didn’t want to use ER’s as they will go to USA/Europe. If you ask me its worth it and its a lot cheaper then getting brand new ones as they will probably have limited years once the 777X’s come to CX.


I’m still confused which CX economy seats are supposed to be the new regional seats. I’ve heard it’s the old long-haul shell seats, but I’ve seen 777-200s with the 300ER/330/Dragonair seat. Or will it be getting the A350 seat or perhaps a new regional seat?

It will most likely be fitted with its new economy that was premiered on its A350 aircraft. It won’t be regional as the flights would be up to 9 hours. These planes probably won’t go around Asia as they would be used for Medium Haul (5-10 hours)

What about Business? Do you think it will be the regional seat like the rest of CX’s 773s or the A350’s reverse herringbone suites?

It would be the new cabin. I would be shocked if it isn’t

It would be kind of weird though to see the new cabins in the 773 and not the 77W unless CX plans to refurbish the 77Ws in a few years since they are even younger.

Im pretty sure that once an aircraft goes in for repaint it will get a re cabin fit as well.

2 possibilities, either it goes to scrap, or it goes to Boeing for a dollar above scrap value. -HNL is worth very little in terms of precious parts to a scrapper. Boeing should be able to get it for about 25-30 million at the very most.

It’s a bold claim to make, that’s for sure. Most people are betting it to be some cheap additional regional lift so they can lower CASM even more in their regional operations. You might have a better source than me, my source is inferences from previous decisions and the fact that Cathay is running low in terms of dedicated regional aircraft if the 772s leave. It makes sense as those aircraft are not de-rated, so they might have the legs to reach Australia. It could be an unorthodox way to free up the 5 A330 frames to be handed over to KA as well. Given their marginally higher cruise speed, they can probably free up a 77W rotation per week as well. It makes sense now I do some math. I still am curious who your source is though, it’s okay if you need to be vague.


But since it’s the first 777 built, wouldn’t it be kept in a museum or at least preserved?

That’s the hope, but it might go to the scrappers.

Scrappers should be where it’s going for the 772

Cathay is ordering 773’s and will be fitting with the new long haul cabin I suppose. I believe they are to incrase routes to India(Using the 333 right now), Perth/Brisbane(Also using the 333) and the middle east(333 again)

Wow! Didn’t know that. Where can I find information like that?