Cathay Pacific Livery inaccuracy

Hi Infinite Flight team,

I have recently noticed that there’s a livery inaccuracy on Cathay Pacific 77W, as you may see from the attached picture below, that the font of the letter of CATHAY PACIFIC should be parallel to each other, however in IF version, the C is obviously bigger than other letters, Idk if this has been noted internally with IF team, but I’d like to just bring up this topic and hopefully it’d get fixed soon.


Well it depends, at the time of implementation, on the older livery, this was actually how it was written. I think what must have happened was when they updated the livery the text was left the same.

Hi when they rolled the reworked 77W, the new Cathay livery was already established at the time, I know it might be small details for someone, I do hope this can be fixed hopefully in a foreseeable future update:)

Did they? I was so sure there was the old one on, thought I remembered it, oh well, my mistake.

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