Cathay Pacific is firing employees for protesting

In light of cathy anti democratic response, should we remove cathy liveries in infinite flight in support of #boycottcathypacific movement?

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…and why would we do that?


Uh, honestly no. I’m far from familiar with the situation, but I think there could be reasons aside from an anti democratic perspective. Which ever side of this conflict you fall on I find it unfortunate that somehow having a paint job of a major worldwide airline in a flight simulator is “anti democratic” there are other liveries from questionable airlines/nations in IF… 🤷🏻‍♂️


The situation in Hong Kong is pretty complicated now. Basically they have to do that in order to keep the airline flying. As PRC bans any Cathay Pacific crews who partake in the demonstration from flying to/within their airspace (and it’s pretty complicated as HK is surrounded by PRC’ airspace). Keeping these folks operating in Cathay Pacific may threaten the airline’s position in PRC routes and even the airline itself


I don’t think Infinite Flight should be a platform for political aims. Politics is a very sensitive issue with people having different views about the HKG case and many others. For me, NO.

Check out @George’s link above


If IF does that they may alienate those who love the airline and they may stop playing until it’s put back. So that won’t work.

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Is there seriously a CX boycott?..

@Senneca to clear things out, IF LLC has nothing to do with any politics worldwide. Politics has nothing to do in any Flight Simulator Game. Why would you like to remove Cathay Pacific liveries just because of politics?

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With the way the world is, the last thing I want in Infinite Flight is for it to get political. This is the safe place from a world that is far too political.

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😬 not good.

@Senneca instead of ruining the IF experience for those who don’t care for politics and want to enjoy Cathay’s liveries in IF, maybe you could just not use Cathay’s liveries yourself in IF. This satisfies both parties and limits the involvement of politics.

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If all flight is cancelled, how can it be some EU airlines still takes off from HK? 🤔

No We shouldn’t.

Yea some Airlines are still taking off but with a mega delay

This is Infinite Flight, not CSPAN. Every airline does something that people may not agree with, such as United Airlines rough housing their passengers. However, I think it is a little immature to remove a livery because of a current political trend. If we did that, there wouldn’t be any liverys because every airline makes mistakes or does something the public does not agree with. As @mwe2187 said, this should be a place that is free of politics.

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