Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Trader 747-8F

This Topic is pretty old, so I decided to make a new one! Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8F Hong Kong Trader Livery

This Livery is Amazing, especially for a 747-8! I would love to fly this everywhere, in which might be PANC-VHHH! This would look amazing in Scenic Photos as well! image


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Please get an old request closed before making a new one! How many times…

@Kamryn please flag the old request and make sure a mod closes it before making a new one.

not saying you have to do this but if you are looking for feedback on the feature request if you can give in detail the origin behind the livery why you would like it in IF and a little about the Airline :-)

Never the less great livery i really hope we see more cargo liverys for the 747-8

This has to be the 4th time you have abused our rules after being spoken too by me. Not happy!