Cathay Pacific | HKG-JFK | Boeing 777-300ER

Hey IFC!
This flight about 25% of the time goes right over my house in Montana on its way to New York, and I can always hear it. Man it’s a bummer than my flight plan took me further north. I love seeing my home state from the sky.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Cathay 830 Heavy
The photos are here!
Heavy takeoff from Hong Kong

Pretty water

Climbing high

Reached cruise!

Man, sunset already?

Sleepy time

Flying over Alaska and the weird drop off - will that ever be fixed?

Awww, the 777!

Safe landing in New York JFK

I hope y’all enjoyed!


More beautiful Cathay Pacific shots taken from my friend @Suhas

I love your photos

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Nice shots my friend, I’ve flown this route before, lots of fun!
And thanks!

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Amazing shots!

@CapDUDE, @8SmartFlying, get in hereeeee!


I hope they fix that

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You have my approval :)

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