Cathay Pacific Goes 10-abreast in 777 Economy Cabin

I don’t know what you’re using, I’ve seen them be quite competitive in terms of pricing despite their lower density configuration.

No way, in terms of revenue, they’ll get a pretty decent boost. The weight and balance can be solved with the additional passenger bags being loaded into the front hold. Cathay has a very generous passenger baggage policy. The added fuel cost is negligible, as demonstrated with Air Canada and Air France both cramming around 450 seats on their 77Ws without having any noticeable change in mission capability.

I don’t think any airline is trying to keep a reputation of good service anymore since it doesn’t contribute to the bottom line. Cathay would’ve kept the 9-across configuration if people were willing the pay the premium to make it worthwhile.

I mean that many airlines are slowly turning into what are called ‘low-costs’ at the moment

Really? I see more big airlines launching low cost brands rather than becoming low cost altogether.

You know… British Airways not serving food on short-haul flights, Cathay adding seats. Taking those shortcuts to earn them more money.

Where I am at least. Air Canada to HKG is always a few hundred dollars cheaper in Y class than CX.

It’s a shame it’s going this way.

Many people just aren’t willing to pay for quality these days without realizing by the time it’s said and done you wind up spending the same for an inferior product. The only winner here is the bean counters and shareholders (temporarily, anyway.)

Yep. People complain that flying is too expensive nowadays, and now the people that are willing to pay have to deal with this too.

But BA still has full service on international flighs=ts.

Who doesn’t?

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Either you can afford it, or you can’t.

I think the slots are a problem too. Cathay’s CEO said they wanted to add more seats per slot too, which would add up to a lot more seats per year. HKG is like LHR where slots are limited and expensive, so carriers usually fly higher density aircraft into those airports.

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Theres talk of removing the A380s grand-staircase in order to accommodate more seats. Its the future. You either have money to get your own personal “apartment”, or you’re travelling crammed like herds of cattle.

They’ve already removed the side lockers in the A380s to allow for an extra seat in each row.

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Haha, its because Airbus doesn’t want to release an A380neo or -900 so operators are trying to salvage every centimeter they can of their current models to help their business.

I find that AC usually trends either $50 above or below CX, I guess the YVR market is a lot more price-sensitive. It also takes into account of AC’s 458 seater 77W compared to Cathay’s 340 seat configuration.

I find the capacity argument a little weak, they really don’t need that capacity to maintain profitability if it wasn’t for other 10-across airlines eating away at those yields. I never had much respect for Ivan Chu, that capacity argument trying to justify the 10-across change from a non-profitability standpoint just doesn’t work.

We have two flights to HKG on CX, and soon, 3. One with a 275 seat 77W that comes from JFK or continues on there, the 340 seat one, and soon an A350. That’s 17 flights a week, and Hong Kong Airlines is planning on flying to YVR as their first North American destination with their own A350s next year.

Airlines starts to think like “If you want comfortable seats, Fly Premium Eco/Business instead”. They packed economy like sardines now. Not many people notice the different of 3-4-3 and 3-3-3 Configuration though.

It’s sad to see the 10-abreast airline numbers to grow, Recently, British Airways also did the same, and there are also some rumours Turkish Airlines will do the same in the future. Now, we can only see 3-3-3 configurations on certain carriers (i.e Singapore Airlines, Garuda, Thai Airways, etc) and soon, they will also do the same. It’s just a matter of time.

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