Cathay Pacific First A350-900 Aircraft Delivered

The first A350 aircraft for Cathay Pacific has just left Toulouse for Hong Kong. More details and photos to come within the coming hours.

Estimated arrival time into Hong Kong 7:57 AM


Here seen taking off for Hong Kong in her final registration: B-LRA

Track the flight using:


OMG!! YAAASSSS!!! (Excuse my screaming caps) I hope to see this beast at Gatwick later this year. If anyone has dates for when it’ll be at EGKK, please PM me.


The livery looks nice on the body!👀👍

I’ve spotted it, it flew like directly over my house. I have some pictures:





Nice!!! I wish I could see it but Im stuck in Canada

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Finally I like the cathay livery, I don’t know, but I’m like cheating Boeing with Airbus😂 But I like the design of the A350 too.

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This was only the first of 2 A350 deliveries today. Singapore Airlines just had their third delivered as well and its on its way to Singapore

Very funny but they don’t look that similar they have similar shapes as that’s what reduces drag, they aren’t going to make it look different for it to be less efficient are they?

That’s a real nice livery. And the A350 is probably my second favorite aircraft. Can’t wait to watch plane spotting videos on it. :)


Here’s the photo when the plane was on approach to HKG
Credits to Terry Wong ;)

PS : On that day, Airbus also delivered 9V-SMC (SQ’s 3rd A350)

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