Cathay Pacific fare 'error' (Again!)

Any IFC member one of the lucky few to snap up a first class ticket for a 1/10 of the usual sale price? :D


We have already a topic like this:

Looks like the same error has been made again

Ah, didn’t saw it… change the title a bit and it’s ok :)

This is a different fare😉

It isn’t as good, but still one of the best fares in a long time.

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Nice, haha… which ticket?

Who does IT for Cathay Pacific???


I would assume someone did it in 1990 and then left it like they made it😂

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Also, who remembers Cathay Paciic?

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You don’t remember that livery mistake? Google it😉

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I need to stay in the Cathay Pacific website. Not giving up any more chances 🙅‍♂️


Whoever is managing the Ticket prices shown on their website, is the hands down the best IT personell of 2019, so far ✨


@Matthew_Chan did you get these too 🙄

They need to get there stuff together

For real? What route?

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Nope sorry 1 is enough for me

*sets as the default website

NOW, I can always visit it when I open Chrome :D

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