Cathay Pacific CEO Resigns From HK Chaos

The chief executive of Cathay Pacific Airways, one of Hong Kong’s best-known international brands, stepped down on Friday after a storm of criticism from the Chinese government over its employees’ participation in street protests that have seized the territory in recent months.

Mr. Hogg acknowledged, in an email to employees, that Cathay’s reputation and brand had come under immense pressure, “particularly in the all-important market of mainland China.”

Actually, there’s a bit more to the resignation

Cathay Pacific became the target of mainland China’s ire after one of the airline’s pilots was arrested late last month in Hong Kong and charged with rioting. In a matter of days, the airline began sending mixed signals about employees’ actions.

In the past week, Cathay has fired four workers for misconduct related to the demonstrations. Mr. Hogg also warned employees against taking part in protests that the Hong Kong authorities had not approved.


Hmm, very interesting. I wonder what will happen…

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