Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-400F with New Livery

Finally a plane that looks good in the new livery. Gorgeous photo! Not mine of course.

Here’s the downloaded image. Taken by Yimo Zhang:


That livery looks even better on a 747-8. Saw a Cathay pacific 747-8 two days ago. It was the old livery though.

With a bit of luck the plane in the hanger behind it is a cathay. This is the 4th plane to be painted in this livery. The first three being B-KPM (77W) B-LRA (359) and B-LRB (359)

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Seems to me like it’s always been a cargo plane, the lack of windows might be a clue.

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No, this is not a BCF. B-LIA is a freighter since birth :)

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beatifull livery, i like this Cathay livery

Love it! A Cathay 744 was the second plane I saw on my first spotting trip.

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Gorgeous. Wonder how it’ll look on the 333 and the 343
FYI: 343 is retiring, don’t think it’ll get painted again)

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Beautiful livery!

Does anyone else think the titles are too small? I think it can benefit from bigger titles.

No the titles are fine, the brush wing could be a little bigger though

I think there is just too much white, the tail looks fine. It looks better on the 77W.

I Think It’s more Beautiful in a B747 than in a B77W.

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