Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8F Hong Kong Trader Livery

Im thinking that if more liveries are being added to other aircraft, I’m thinking we could possibly get this on. Let me know what you think.

Thanks, Tacobell1015

credit to the author


I’ve seen it before.


I know someone who used to fly these.


<3<3<3 nice livery

Very Stunning

I hope they keep it once it gets painted with the new tail and such

I know a few people who fly them. They apparently love flying it

The person that I know flew 748s and 744s for Cathay, after only a decade at Chataqua. He flew for Cathay for 6 years, then, for family reasons, decided he would rather fly the MD-80 for Delta. With Cathay, he would have a 10 day trip to Hong Kong, and from there, would fly all over. After those 10 days were over, he had 10 off. Now with Detla, he only does 1-2 day trips, and only works 4 days of the week.

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good for him. If he is happy with it, do it

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I love 747-8 the Hong kong trader 😍. I think it should be added, it’ll be good for global flight.

I’m trying to decide whether to vote for this or the other special Cathay Liveries… Decisions, decisions :)

Well, we need more 748F liveries!

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It’s beautiful! Really needs to be added!

Nice! The 747-8 is really in need of an enrichment in its liveries, it’s Cathay’s pretty too.

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