Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-9

(I am aware that it’s a 77W in the pic but I couldn’t find a 777x with the new livery) thanks Danman
This livery looks great on a great aircraft and it looks so clean.


My goodness it’s going to be years before IF can add the 777X. There is no flight data available to create an accurate model. I’m sure plenty of people would rather have accurate flight dynamics over a rushed incomplete aircraft like what happened with the 787-900


The livery won’t even look like that anyway. They changed their livery last year

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Looks okay.

Looks very nice. Can’t beat that backdrop either.

Wait, I think that’s the wrong livery, I think you’re looking for this one:

It is a 77W, but the livery remains the same.

Picture source: Cathay Pacific new livery presskit.


OMG, SO amazing!!! i love the plane and the livery, a definite must have!

It’ll be added eventually, just calm down for the meantime 😉


i see that.

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Only 1 picture! Thanks :)

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He was just suggesting a picture to change it to.

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Man, y’all gotta be less sensitive, my picture is of the updated and correct livery for the 777X. Take a longer look before throwing those reminders out. Goodness, I don’t think my parents hound me this much.


miss out this livery …