Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER OneWorld Livery


Cathay Pacific B77W OneWorld Livery (B-KQI)

Photo taken by Ty Pang via

Hello all! Since the Boeing 777 series is on the list to be re-worked soon, mind as well request an amazing looking livery on it! Cathay Pacific is apart of OneWorld and the airline is based in Hong Kong (HKG/VHHH). Cathay Pacific flies all over the world and are a really neat airline.

I just love this livery because the new livery looks the best! Also with a OneWorld logo on the side just makes for a perfect looking livery!

Extra Info

Thanks for reading! If you like this livery please hit it with a comment or even better a vote!


You are quick at it Joseph 😂

Might drop a vote later, who knows. The livery sure is stunning ❤️


Kinda had it ready haha! At least the picture for it!😂 A vote would definitely be appreciated JR!

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What a stunning livery. I voted for ya. :)

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Thanks for it Dylan!!

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Bump for those that did not see this yesterday.


The One World livery looks good on anything. I don’t have any votes open though.

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Thanks for your support!!


I’m not trusted enough i guess in IFC so you one of you guys should request this livery
The ANA BB-8 livery

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This is the OneWorld Livery for Cathay? Also the BB-8 livery isn’t allowed because of copyright issues.