Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER New Livery

I think it’d be a nice addition to IF if the cathay pacific livery was added to the 777-300 and 330-300


thats really nice, i like it :D

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Moved to features

No pictures in feature requests please! remove Pictures

He originally posted it in general to start a discussion. It was then moved to feature requests so the picture have been added before it got moved. He did everything right.

I’d like to see the new livery too.

This is purely a request. Should be in the features category w/o the picture

Or the A330-200 thread- In features make sure to search and find.
Just put it down as a livery!

No pictures if feature request please :)

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@Laurens will love this right

FYI: The reg is B-KPM

The old and new Cathay Pacific livery would be good.

There’s enough old ones actually. Except for the cargo part.

New one is what we need

With all the ideas floating around due to the new 777 revamp, I would really like it if the 777 got the new cathay livery. It’s very modern in my opinion!

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Im waiting for it to pop up on their Facebook page and Ill be really happy

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Still don’t like the look of the new livery on old aircraft

I think I’ll missed the Old one. The New one is good but It’s too plain

Yea that one small red line changes everything

now when pictures are allowed


Bumping because I would LOVE this

KPR and KPQ is also painted tooo

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Im dying to have this livery on IF

KPO hasn’t been painted in the new livery yet (if that was what you were saying