Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER (New Livery)


This livery looks amazing! Need this in infinite flight :)


Oh my, we need this. One way or another, what a beauty!


lets cross our finger to get this they have added some new 777 liverys recently


I’d love to see that beauty coming to IF one day ;)


Yup! This livery is too good to be missed 😍❤✈


I love this, thanks to simplicity. I voted for this!


Wish I could vote for this. Ran out of votes sadly :(


I like it, looks a bit more cleaner than the last one


I personally don’t like the new livery but I like the idea! I’m or of votes. ;(


The new Spirit of Hong Kong liver is quite nice too! Just some additions at the rear of the fueslage


Come to think of it, I might just use this to fly LAX-HKG if it’s created.


This is a pretty livery. The old livery is a little more prettier in my opinion though


I would love that livery. Cool picture by the way!


Wow! That is beautiful. I love the shading of the logo on the tail. It looks really great!


It does look better since the airline name caption is moved to the top and the logo becomes more artistic;)))


20 Votes! Hopefully they can add it :)


Make that 22 votes ;)


Devs need to add this in!!


22 Votes… come on, need a confirmation that this is added :)


We’re at 25 votes now!