Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER (New Livery)


Click here for the source of the image 😊.

Credits to Michael Stappen

I would love to see this brand new Cathay Pacific’s 777-300ER on Infinite Flight to accompany the old livery which will be replaced soon. Share your thoughts about the livery here! 😊

Not to be confused with the 773 request 😉

Cathay Pacific B777-300ER 2015 Livery

Definetly better than the old one. Considering voting 👍


I have a violent objection to make.


Sorry, didn’t read:)

It’s a nice livery!


Yeah, I would love to see this livery too! It’s too beautiful to be missed


Looks so gorgeous! 😍


it looks like turkish airlines livery


What’s the difference between the current one and the new one?


It looks the same…


Yes please,

Amazing one :D

And again the voting limit knocks me out :I


That’s beautiful.


I really like this livery, Cathay seems like a chill airline.


The old livery is behind the 777 in the picture…


Look at the CPA’s A333 and B77W behind 😉


So… They’ve removed the green stripe at the front? Wow… What a waste of money


They did a little font change and make the brushwings on the tail bigger. Not a waste of money imho. Instead it looked better imho (Especially on A350. Couldnt imagine if they still use the old livery)


They’ve changed barely anything! They could have atleast made it more detailed, it still looks very plain…


I do acknowledged it’s abit plain. But still it’s better than the previous one imho


I don’t see how it’s better then the other one, they’ve removed the stripe which is only about 3 meters, it’s basically the same


They have to repaint planes every 5 or 10 years anyway. This new livery matches their new brush wing logo with has been freed from the box.