Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300 (New Livery)

*This is a request for the new livery on the 777-300! Not the 777-300ER/77W!

When the 777-300 comes to IF, I would like to see this added. I’ve never seen a Cathay 777-300 painted in the new livery before, so I decided to make a request for this one.

Credit: Paul Y. M. Chau

I don’t think they would make the -300, -300ER, and 77W… they’re all like the same plane to be honest


The 777-300ER and 77W are the same plane, however the 777-300 (773) is another different aircraft.


if the -300 comes to IF


Flew her before , she is in regional config …

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Very very very very nice!

Never noticed that CPA has painted their B773 although they may be scrapped soon before 2020 I guess. Looked nice imho btw 😆

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I think we should have this new CX livery on the current 777.

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I like this livery a lot, I saw it in Hong Kong. Flown with the old one.

Looks sleek, great photograph as well.

I didn’t know even they operate the 773, lol.

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