Cathay Pacific axes regional carrier and 8,500 jobs(My opinion)

Hi there. This is my first time to share aviation to IFC member. Hope that not to close my topic

BBC News - Cathay Pacific axes regional carrier and 8,500 jobs

I think this is a very sad news. Many people lost their job. I think the main problem

  1. Cathay Pacific has many planes grounded

  2. This airline is facing financial problem. As you can see, they are cutting many routes.

  3. Some Hong Kongers believe that it is not very safe to onboard

Finally, Hope that the pilot can get back their job😊😊


Regional carrier clearly has a very different definition in Asia 😂

Sad to see them go though, hopefully mainline Cathay maintains as much of the services they offered as is economically possible.

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I hope the game will still add the cathay dragon features that are requested

Umm I think it will😊

As far as I know, a previous topic of the same point has been moved here, so I’d recommend continuing there.


But he is in two days ago

But it happened in 1 day ago

Usually the author of the original thread will update their topic to the current event. For now, as @tsumia linked, you can post in that topic

Please continue in Situation at Cathay Pacific Group