Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1041


Cathay Pacific A350-1041 (B-LXA)

Photo taken by Michael Sender

With the recent announcement of the Airbus A350 being developed, I thought I would request my favorite A350 livery on the -1000! Cathay Pacific has ordered 20 and has 11 -1000s in service currently. Cathay is an airline based out of Hong Kong (HKG), they have routes all over the world and I would love to fly them with their A350-1000!

I really want this livery because it is my favorite livery on the -1000 series. Also because I know many others like the Cathay A350s! Once/hope this livery comes with the A350, I will most likely fly this almost every time I fly!

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Thanks for reading and please comment or vote if you like it!

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Love this plane in Cathay’s livery. I need to clear a vote for this 😂


Thanks for the support and the vote!


Oh my gosh

This livery is amazing! Need to see this :)


Yes we do! Thanks for the support!


I just saw one 12 hours ago (B-LXH) when I departed at RPLL. Looks great.


Wow you are very lucky! Thanks again for the support.


Bump for those that didn’t see this yesterday!


Thanks for the votes guys!


Wow,seems cool,voted!

Both photos are mine.


Thanks for it! Nice shots too!


With the amazing shot of the A350 fanblades today, how amazing would this look in the sim?!


It would be the best livery!


Here’s Airbus making the exact same plane in this request in the video! Cathay’s first A350-1000 B-LXA!


Got my support (out of votes)


Thanks for the support mah friend ;D