Cathay Pacific Airbus A321neo

Cathay Dragon ceased their operations permanently not long ago and they transferred some aircrafts to their parent company - Cathay Pacific. B-HPB as an Airbus A321neo is one of them, the aircraft was originally painted in Cathay Dragon colours and was repainted into Cathay Pacific’s livery.

This should be the first narrow body jet painted in CX livery.

Why do we need this?

As a HongKonger I would like to see more aircrafts in Infinite Flight that are painted with my home airlines. The addition of this livery will allow more people to enjoy flying Asian short hauls, I am well aware that the Airbus A321neo isn’t in the game yet but I hope this feature request will still allow people who love Cathay Pacific to vote for the livery they like.

Airbus A321neo thread ⬆️
I hope you will vote for this beauty ^_^

Wow nice livery. Really don’t know why CX wants to buy this plane but they are in Financial problem


Love it 😻 Although it still got some Dragon marks on it🥲


These NEOs are for Dragonair & Hk Express, but since the Dragons now ceased operation, Cathay can’t help but to paint the narrow bodies into Green.

(Cathay was the second largest widebodies carrier before the Dragonair down)


Well they technically owned them anyway so it wasn’t as bad.


I always loved the Cathay Pacific livery but combined with the A21N, just beautiful 🥰
I will vote for it immediately after the new Airbus family gets announced.


I mean every NEO with the “face mask” looks absolutely stunning and elegant


Cathay first narrow body after few decades, it looks great btw! But I miss the dragon:( I’ve been on a dragon but not on a pacific

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Bumping this up, we really need this!