Cathay Pacific adds more Destinations including

Cathay Pacific announced today that they will add more A350 destinations. They are

  • Boston to become daily with the 777 starting the 26th of March

  • Vancouver to add a new 3 time weekly A350-900 service!

Cathay Pacific will be the first airline to fly to Vancouver with the A350 starting March 28th.

More info to come







Boston ^^


Edit. Turns out the Boston service will stay with the 777. Sorry about that

uuuuuffff that A350 is fire

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So excited to see this beauty, definitely will try to be there when it first arrives
EDIT: school reopens on the god damn 27th 😭 think I can pull it off by waking up early and rushing like a madman to school 🤔

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Thanks for the tag @Boeing707

I’m pretty psyched that CX is starting daily service but I was hoping they’d change to the A350. That would two airlines that offer A350 service to Boston.

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Apparently China Airlines will also be flying from Taipei with their A350

Im just gonna go to school a day later. Hopefully I can get a seat on it as Im flying from HKG around then. (fingers crossed)

cool, what do you mean by go to school a day later?

They should bring the a350 to Melbourne. The only one we get is the Singapore one but not often.

I start on the 28th at my school but I’m just gonna skip a day and go back on the 29th. right after spring break

Well I’m going to grade 8 I’m not going to miss the first day after spring break in my first year of high school

Whoa, thought that day would never come. Pretty good timings.

Cool information!

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YES!!! Vancouver! Gonna try and convince my mom to book a flight on the A350 next time. So excited!

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