Cathay Pacific accidently sells first class tickets for 96%off

Well, someone’s having a Happy New Years, Cathay Pacific confirmed that they will honor first class tickets sold for $675 that are usually $16,000 (USD) Round trip!!!

EDIT: Business was sold for 670 First was a whole 1,000, so much I know… 😂


Heres another link:


ha! I wonder how that happened??!


Ugh, I doubt they’re still on sale. I’d take one

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That’s a LUL

I think this happened back in August I read somewhere.

No, they arnt. But best I can find, for economy round trip is 920 USD, so 80 bucks more for First! Thans insane!


Haha first the Cathay Paciic incident, now this 😂


Similar incidents has occurred on United’s and Singapores part a few years back. As for Cathay this year and Singapore back in 2014, they both allow those who bought these discounted tickets to keep them for their flights in August this year. While on the other hand… United didn’t allow their passengers to keep as theirs so UA cancelled all the tickets bought. So everyone who did buy one, well their payment never went through as United wouldn’t accept to sell, low fare tickets and cause of this happening to them was due to a glitchy server which they were claiming.

Not here to do any bad publicity for UA but I find it very kind of both Asian carriers (SQ and CX) to let those who bought a discounted ticket to keep and them and use them on their scheduled flights.

And for Cathay this year, one could say it was a New Years Gift, a surprise to many, a happily received present to use on their booked flight. And even-though it is a massive miss, economically on Cathay’s side. That’s some massive generosity to let the costumers keep the super discounted tickets.

I’m glad they honored it, most places wouldn’t!


I may or may not have scooped one for HKG-LAX 😉. Hong Kong here I come


OOOH HONG KONG HERE I COME!! In first class 😏 😂😂


Unfortunately it was originating in Asia going to the U.S. or else I would have booked it. I saw It originally on New Years Eve from TPG and OMAAT. DAD/HAN-SFO/JFK

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If this was an American carrier they would have done one of two things:

  1. Dishonored the tickets instantly (if it was a LCC there would be no refund)

  2. Forced the passengers to pay the extra $15325


The second my Mom heard about this news, she started complaining and ranting about how she didn’t catch it in time to purchase it

First Class tickets for only $675 round trip?! That’s a steal! XD

I’m glad they still decide to honor it though
It was a mistake on their end and the passengers did purchase the tickets, so…


It’s more than 3 hours…

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That’s Vietnam to New York

I think it is more than 3 hours XD

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Singapore to Hong Kong is 3 and a bit hours indeed.

But the ticket only applies to US bound flights

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Lol… I got IF for 100% off as there was a day when it was free on the Google Play Store…but not live unfortunately. Or the subscription. Lol.

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@matthew_chan I hate you 😡

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