Cathay Pacific A350 production thread

It seems to me that the Cathay Pacific A350 has had its problems solved as it is seen here having its first engine run. More news expecting to come with its RTO and First Flight soon. Photo credit A380_TLS_A350 Flickr



seats issues. Hence the delay till May for a original due date of late February. Here is an article on more

I had no idea they got their a350 yet. Looks beautiful.

Lol don’t your guys see? Every plane when it first comes out has problems lol. Everyone was giving the 787 crap because it had problems but this just shows its like that for every plane

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Yea. I still hasn’t flown yet but hopefully it isn’t delayed again


Anyways guys, there is nothing wrong with post number 1, he is just asking if the cathay A350 had problems and what kind of problems.

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gosh i love this plane even more

The A350’s delays are due to Cathay Pacific possibly updating their cabin design and Zodiac the company supplying it so there is no relevance between any problem with the plane and the B787 problems as they were serious problems which resulted in the FAA grounding a fleet of aircraft for the first time in 30 years

Is the picture a first start? looks smoky and that’s usually what first start’s are like.

yes it is. It is a good sign because everything must be fitted before a first flight or a first engine start up. So they know what the minimum takeoff weight is, i believe

Update. It appears the first commercial flight will take place on June the 1st. More info to come

It has just done its RTO and expect first flight soon. Photo’s by user: bycac image

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My source inside Airbus tells me that delivery is delayed due to supply chain issues with Zodiac Aerospace. I think the goal is May delivery IIRC.

One sexy plane…

Heard the test flight is tomorrow

Are they going to do a live stream?

Not sure. But it will look nice

LRC is assembled already. Waiting for the livery

Goal for CX: 22 A359 at end of 2018

Oh OK.

When will this beast be flying HKG - LGW?

I know it’s gonna fly the AKL route to take out the 343. LGW is gonna be end 2016? Not entirely sure but I am sure it will go to LGW