Cathay Pacific A350-1000

The A350-1000’s first flight was in 2017 and it’s first commercial flight was in 2018 with Qatar. It has been produced since 2010 and is still in production, and it’s main users are: Qatar, Singapore airlines and Cathay Pacific. It is 74 Meters long, seats up to 366 passengers, a crew of 2 and has a range of 14,000 KM. It’s goal was to replace the A340-600!

Cathay Pacific is an Airline that was founded in 1946 in Hong Kong. It has a fleet of 150 and serves to 77 destinations. It is part of OneWorld and the third biggest user of the A350-1000. The slogan is “Life Well Traveled” and they have 22,700 employees.

Credit: The thaiger and the Nation

I hope This gets added to IF because it truly is a beauty of Airbus in a beautiful livery!

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Other than that, I’d love to see it in IF, when the A350 makes its way in into IF the future.


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Hi everyone, I have a question, lately I have seen many posts like this, somebody knows if the A350 is going to be added to the airbus family, a lot of people requesting the airlines


Nope not to my knowledge there hasn’t been any hints released yet. :)

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I would like a to see it in IF too also in the delta livery though

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