Cathay Pacific A330 | Smooth Landing - Hong Kong » (VIDEO)

What are your thoughts on this landing?

I fly to Hong Kong 4 times per year, and this landing was probably one of the smoothest I have encountered with Cathay Pacific! It was very skillfully landed in the strong gusts of wind to the sides, mainly due to the fact that it was halfway through the monsoon season in Hong Kong (April).

I also got invited to the cockpit at the end of the flight, however the captain requested not to share the photo I took.

Flight information:
Aircraft Type: Airbus A330-300
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Livery: Cathay Pacific
Class: Economy Class
Route: KUL - HKG
Flight number: CX5729
Flight time: 3h
Departure time: 12:30PM
Arrival time: 3:49AM

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Wow, looks smooth! Thanks for stopping by!

ill be honest, I love my home airline, but every landing I have with them is kinda hard

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Please note that this video was taken in April. I will be traveling to Hong Kong again next week!

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Strange, whenever I fly with CX or KA, they always grease the landing.

I’m half cantonese so I really love CX more than any airline in the world too!

I thought the plane had not landed until I realised the spoilers deployed

perfect flare timing

It’s rather typical, I suppose. The A330’s truthfully the best plane to perform a smooth landing thanks to the gear.

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