Cathay Pacific A330 livery bug

The paint work on the cathay pacific A330’s upper- rear fuselage is having some bug issues or glitch

I’m sure this is already known to the devs, and it isn’t to do with the livery and it’s actually the aircraft itself.

From what i’ve heard “Project Metal”s aim is to fix all of this, so hopefully it will be fixed soon :)

You sure about this? Because the paint-works for the other A330s seem to be fine…

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Yeah I have had a similar issue in nearly all IF aircraft since 21.2 called clipping - the developers are aware and Project Metal hopes to fix it. Cameron said earlier it is to do with balancing the rendering and smooth performance that things like clipping can occur (see my 21.4 clipping thread within support)

Yep! I noticed that as well right before I took off from HongKong.

Thank you everyone for the clarification!