Cathay Pacific A330-300 (New Livery)

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This livery was unveiled on the 1st of November 2015. The subtle change to the livery is more modern and gives it a nice refreshed look.

Some noticeable changes from the old livery

  • Larger logo/brushwing at the front of the aircraft
  • Larger and repositioned lettering on the side of the fuselage
  • Green strip on the nose removed
  • An all-green tail

More info:

I’m out of votes I would want this though as I commonly fly the A330

Like this livery but wld 1st luv to see this in the 777-300
Sry just not rlly a fan of the 330

We already have it on the 777-300 🙂

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Just saw that know so now u can get my vote…

But only if u vote in the el al 789 or 744

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Awesome livery, as a HongKonger this will deserve a vote from me :)

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I’d rather have the Cathay Dragon livery on the A333 ;)

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Cathay Dragon also deserves its A333 livery :)

Voted, she sure is a beauty!

It would be a good idea to update Cathay’s painting on the A333. I support the topic.


i would love to see this livery on future update, since we didn’t have specific registration on Current CX A330

Wait I’m a bit slow, is Cathay removed from the list or it’s simply not shown?

I believe just not shown in premiere video, they have no reason to remove Cathay livery from the original list.

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I reckon the same, cause they didn’t include the China Southern and Oman Air livery in the trailer as well. But had a panic attack for a moment ngl

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Can we close this topic now? The aircraft is already added

Anyone? Can a moderator close the topic please?