Cathay Pacific 777 HKG - LAX

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1) Background to the photos
Cathay Pacific 777 flying from Hong Kong - Los Angeles

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Flight Time: 11:43
Server: Expert
Route: HKG - LAX
Departure time: 10 am
Arrival time: 7 am

3) Photos

Parked at the gate at HKG


Climbing over the airport

Flying over the city

Cruising past Alaskan mountains

Approaching California

Descending into Los Angeles


Final approach into LAX


The end


Lovely landing

Just looking at the pictures @realnickchan , you’re realy having a great flight!

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The landing was well… butter.

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Those shots are very good ones. Especially the second one!

yeah @TheGlobalAviator

Very good rotation!

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I takeoff and land manually by the way

Nice shots

Speaking of take off and landing, take off for me take of is easy.

But landing… When I land, my landing gear (becuse there’s not landing gear explotion infinte flight) I think really died there.

Practice makes perfect I try and I can show u a vid where I butter the 777 Family it was amazing

ok @CaptainAli_yt

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Though I will suggest deleting this line…

F/O Martha (they call her that) looks more relaxed than Fred because she lets him do all the flying.

Did they fix the giant C on the Cathay Livery it sure looks like it

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Poor Rick Captain I call Rick, AMy with the Blond hair and Patricia with the black hair Probably creating a movie soon with it

Every time I have a flight I’ll park my plane for 40 mintes befor pushing back! (sorry for the bad screen shot)

Can clearly see my campus, nice pic bro