Cathay Pacific 773ER's livery: the first "C" is too big

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Me and @OT359 noticed that the Cathay 777-300ER is, contrary IRL, too big.
I hope the devs will fix it!

Cathay in IF:

Cathay IRL:



Hey there!

This is a known issue, and I believe it was brought up in both internal and open beta for v20.2. It’s not high on the devs list, but I’m sure it’ll be fixed when the time is right!


Door opened while taking off ? 😂😂🌚

And anyway , wow there are a lot of liveries mistakes these last time (this year) , I don’t know if it will be corrected one day. 🤷🏽‍♂️


And HINIT did u also realize that your Door 4 on the Left is open hehehe
@anon36354988 u beat me to it hahaha


@anon36354988 and @SWA1997, I knew. 🤣

Please see this post.

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@Alex_Kraz I was kidding I am guilty of it too hehehe


Don’t worry, this has been noted internally. Hence it is not a game breaking issue it doesn’t need priority maintenance whereas game crashes are more important!

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Hopefully they can push a content update (won’t need to update the app itself) that comes with livery fixes soon. There’s quite a few liveries with slight errors; not deal breaking - but it is good to correct them!

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