Cathay Pacific 747-8F

I honestly think this livery looks outstanding on the B747-8F! it has it’s own unique design and I personally think it should be added to infinite flight!

(Photo Credits: Angelo Bufalino)

Wow! I never even new that we never had this in Infinite Flight! (What happens when you control all day)


I love it! Not only the old livery but also the new one would be amazing :)



But who cares :)


Are you requesting the new or the old livery ? Because the photo you’re showing is the old one. Take a look at the new one ( I personally prefer it ).

Didn’t find a proper credit so just credits to the owner

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That isn’t B747-8F, that’s probably why livery is different.

The photo I showed ( which I will change cuz it’s incorrect ) is showing the -400. But Cathay do have ( on some ) they’re new livery on the -800. Sorry for the confusion.

Honestly I prefer the new one and old one, but the old one still has it’s good looks ;)

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Cathay Pacific has 14 Boeing 747-8F but 13 of them (B-LJA - B-LJM) are old liveries.
And B-LJN is the new one.
(B-LJA is a special livery)

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WOW The livery and the aircraft matches a lot!!! love Cathay

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Do you know where the photo was taken? @Canadian_Aviation

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Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport :)

Yes! We need this along with the Suparna and Jade Cargo 744’s!

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