Cathay Pacific 747-8F New Livery

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Cathay Pacific 747-8F

Credit: JetPhotos


A critical aircaft to their fleet, Cathay Pacific operates 14 747-8F that flies to countless destinations around the world. However, we do not have this livery in Infinite Flight, which disappoints me quite a lot. As a native Hong Kong citizen, I am in full support for the addition of this 747-8F livery to the Cathay Pacific livery in Infinite Flight. This will not only bring attention to the cargo sector of the flight sim but boost the operations of Cathay Pacific virtual.

Cargo Routes

As of now, Cathay Pacific Cargo flies to 53 destinations around the world including key cities such as Anchorage, Los Angeles or London Heathrow and even flies to smaller cities like Portland, Oregon (which only handles mostly domestic flights and very few international routes). This is just one small view of the diversity of Cathay’s Cargo fleet with only around 20 cargo aircraft.

The cargo sector is often neglected in Infinite Flight, which is why I’m taking action to recreate this feature. This livery is an important addition!

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So many of these fly to PANC. I could do so many cool fights with this! You have my vote!


I’ve seen that very plane in your post (B-LJB) in real life! There’s also one with my initials as it’s registration (B-LJH), and I’ve seen that take off right over my face.


We need this 💗



I have seen this so many times when I go spotting at PDX I’ll see if I can go and free up a vote

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This livery will add so many new flights that can be done. You have my support, but I sadly don’t have any votes open.

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This is what will probably push me towards freight, you sure are right @Vinne :))


Got to bump this topic up. How cool would it to fly this beast in and out of Hong Kong? 😍

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Voted, this livery definitely deserves a vote from me (last vote😢), its such a great match between the CX livery and 747-8😍


Cathay is one of the largest freighter airlines. Spotting 747’s takeoff for ANC at golden hour is always a blessing. How cool you ask? Very.

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It is a beautiful painting, and it would be a pleasure to have it with us at IF!

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Imagine this beauty landing at PANC!