Cathay Pacific 747-400 Sandwich Livery

Cathay Pacific has flown the 747 for over 37 years and they are to be retired in October. Why not showcase it by adding the original Cathay Pacific livery to it before they are gone. This livery is not only nice, its a CLASSIC!

What do people think?

Photo credits to the owner


I love the idea, I have a 1:500 scale model of it and is one of my favourite. Just a question…where are the wing tips, they are camo

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When I read the term “Burger Livery”, I thought it means Cathay has a special burger advert livery on the 747 and I thought: No way! Cathay doesn’t do advert livs.!


It seems a bit dull In that photograph.

do u know what cathay pacific is replacing the 747 with? is it the 737-8 or maybe the 787 or 777?

747-8 duh I’m such and idiot damm u auto correct

That 747 doesn’t look like a sandwich to me.

They are being replaced by A350s, Cathay cargo has 747-8F though

Looks good!

oh cool, thats interesting, sad to see boeing lose another

I approve, let’s do it!