Cathay Pacific 747-400 registration error

On the Cathay Pacific 744, the registration on the left is B-HOW but the one on the right is B-HQW.

Come on. There have been a ton of visual bug reports on the 747 family. Don’t you devs want to fix them?


This is an incredibly minor issue. The devs have more important things to work on right now. Do you want global, or not?


I do. But all these small details add up to make a huge headache.

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I disagree.

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Look there is a persion proverb that sais “قطره قطره جمع گردد وانگهي دريا شود” that translates to “small drops add up to make a huge ocean”. This is the place for its use.

How did you find that small detail?! You have the eyes of a hawk!

The one on the right side is incorrect (B-HQW) according to this site. The real world registration should be B-HOW, which is present on the left side. :)


That looks like the stabilizer marking making it look like a Q, not an actual Q.

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how will this possibly create a huge issue?

Not by itself but piled up with the other issues it will.

fixing this is a waste of time for the devs
they have other important things to work on and they don’t need to be bogged down by these very very very minor issues

Goodness, it’s not even an issue on the dev end. It’s a graphics error which is fixed by the graphic artist. Tell me, how much is changing one letter going to delay global? Issues shouldn’t be ignored just because it’s minor.

If this minor mistakes are systematically overlooked, not only in graphics, but also in code. That can lead to some pretty major issues. I honestly don’t understand why this community systematically attacks those who report errors. I, as on outsider can assure that a company of FDS’ size can handle changing a letter without being bogged down.

do you know how small FDS actually is?

and when did i ever attack someone?

That’s disrespectful.

About 6-10 employees with a dedicated graphics designer? Fixing that “o” would take 1 man-minute and probably zero resources diverted away from global.

Making them feel guilty by claiming that they’re bogging down FDS by pointing out issues.

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Gents, please continue arguing/debating in PM, please. You’re not making the situation better by constant bickering. :)

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no need
he proved his point and is entitled to his own opinion

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