Cathay Pacific 747-200F: “Silver Bullet”

I searched as many terms as possible to see if a request already exists. I didn’t find anything…but if this is a duplicate please let me know, thanks! This is also my first time making a feature request, so if I’m doing anything wrong let me know!

Anyways… I decided to make a request to have the Cathay Pacific Silver Bullet livery in IF. The aircraft is a 747-200F operated by Cathay pacific. I want this livery as I love bare metal liveries and would love to see this one on the 747. We currently have no Cathay liveries on the 747-200 so it would be a nice addition.

-Photo credit goes to Colin Parker.

Oh yeah like my game didn’t lag enough with the chrome 772

All jokes aside, this does look very cool but it could be hella laggy.

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One of the first YT planespotting videos I’ve seen includes this livery. Nostalgia overload.

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Just putting another picture. :)