Cathay Dragon, what do people think?

From this article and previous other articles it is expected Cathay Pacific’s sister airline is going to move closer with a possible name change. What do you guys think?

article here:

Please. I can’t wait to see that dreadful, boring livery bite the dust. Minimum effort, minimum cost. Disgraceful livery to have.


Honestly I don’t mind it, maybe its just I’ve grown up with it but I won’t be surprised if they do change their livery that they do a cathay style but instead of green its red

I will not entertain the thought of a green dragon on the tail, that would be horrendous. There are a bunch of rumours going around. Should be interesting to see who is right.

they say Cathay Pacific has a major announcement on the 28th, who knows I guess

Say no to Cathay Dragon

Cathay dragon? Dumbest thing I’ve heard today. It sounds so weird.

It won’t surprise me if they do, there could be a full on merge with cathay but that would be unlikely. There could be a livery change but I guess we have to wait till the 28th

Search it up online ;). It is actually a rumor before B-KPM rolled out

Dragonair is so bad, I searched up pictures on Google and got a Pokemon…

Maybe they will diminish KA into Cathay Regional or something. Do something like “Dragonair dBA Cathay Regional”

or they could do something like this. (This is fan art and not mine) I do think that the Cathay Dragon will happen.image

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Eww NO way!

Lol that would be hilarious and weird.

I swear, if it’s worse than the old one like Alaska’s. I’ll be very disappointed in CX

That I believe, will be the final design. It hurts my eyes though.

Cathay Dragon confirmed

Looks very similar to pic above.

Its has been confirmed. Dragonair now becomes Cathay Dragon. This is the confirmed livery on the a330


Somehow the normal Cathay Pacific livery looks a lot better and cleaner…

Anyways, it’s okay.

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I love the new Cathay Dragon livery…