Cathay Dragon Tribute flight || VHHH-VHHH

Flight Information
Hong Kong-Hong Kong
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200 (Dragonair Livery)

Today, Cathay Pacific has announced that it will cease operations of its full subsidiary - Cathay Dragon. Cathay Dragon has been the collective memory of many HongKongers, it is surely a sad thing to see another airline ceased operations under COVID. I flew a Dragonair A321 over the city as a tribute for its legacy in HK…

Topic regarding the Situation of Cathay Pacific

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Goodbye Cathay Dragon 1985-2020


Great photos! Is the sunset indicating the Dragon’s leaving 😭

Hey, great shots. Unfortunately, one of your photos go against the category guidelines. As stated by Misha in the rules you only post photos making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden :)
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It is very epic, but the livery is old

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Oh sorry, I will get to that once I reach home, thanks for your reminder (first time posting in this category haha)

All good, my pleasure to remind you.

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The livery may be old, but its the real livery in my heart that represents the airline Dragonair