Cathay Dragon orders Neo's

Cathay Pacific sister airline Cathay Dragon (formally Dragonair) has agreed with airbus to order 32 Airbus A321neo aircraft.

The 32 new A321 neos will replace the current 15 A320’s and 8 of their A321’s. Delivery of the first A321neo is expected to be in 2020 and the last in 2023.

The first A321neo is also expected to debut Cathay Dragon’s new Business class seat which will be unveiled in 2019.

Rupert Hogg CEO of Cathay Pacific airways stated this in an official statement.
“The substantial investment we are making in new aircraft underlines our confidence in the future of the Cathay Pacific Group, as well as our commitment to bolstering Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s largest international aviation hub,”

This order does come within a week of its reported worst half year loss within two decades and the airline is also going through a corporate revamp where multiple measures and job cuts have been put in place to improve services.

Source: AUSBT

What are your thoughts?


Interesting if the A 320w were full, than I can see why they ordered the 321, but if they weren’t bad waste if money, and it will cost the airline. I’m hoping they don’t end up like air Berlin and air India.

Looks good! Any livery that looks good on the plane is always welcomed.


That’s a good choice, I’m really looking forward to seeing their A320neo /A321neo


Air berlin was backed by Etihad and Etihad then backed out. Cathay Pacific needs Cathay Dragon because Cathay Dragon serves their Chinese/Asian network while Cathay Pacific flies to the rest of the world. Its a win win for both.


Cathay dragon? I was expecting something more like this:

But I’m sure the A321s will work fine.


That’s to be expected. Most a320/a321 operators are converting to the NEO with t6he exception of Air Canada who is going to the 737MAX8 & 737MAX9 and might go for the MAX 10.


Cathay Dragon was rumoured to order the 737 max’s. But airbus gave them a cheaper price. Air Canada went with the Max’s as they are slowly becoming a boeing, bombardier fleet.


Airbus is trying to get as much orders as possible. If they give them a cheaper price. They wouldn’t make the proper profit. Not to mention they have to pay the employees and pay for parts.

CX was never going to go for the 737MAX, they just made a couple of vague public statements about considering Boeing to give them a little more leverage on price. Asian carriers have historically favoured the A320 for their requirements. Air Canada has a completely different use case, not to mention their A320 fleet’s purchasing decision is questionable at best. The politics behind that decision was quite controversial.


They did mention that they were being considered in the february edition of CX world.

(Page 8).

Although it was common sense for them to order airbus and not Boeing.

How is it common sense to order Airbus and not Boeing?

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It isn’t “Common Sense”, Boeing and Airbus are competitors, they offer lower prices to airlines to try to make the airline go with them. But certain airlines choose not too to retain good deals with Boeing, for even cheaper fares.

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It is indeed common sense. CX-KA was never going to go for the 737MAX because of the operational headache it’s going to bring them. Airbus had to be competitive on price, but they weren’t going to undercut Boeing because they don’t need to. I’m sure Boeing offered CX-KA a very good discount to switch, but the A320 is better for the Asian short haul market in most use cases, CX-KA is no exception. The amount of checked baggage per passenger is much higher compared to European and North American operators, they need the LD3-45 system so they don’t burn through ground agents like Jet-A.

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Hmm. Really excited about that. And glad to see more A321neo orders

Also, KA is an all airbus fleet. If they were to switch to Boeing they would need to retrain all crew, pilots and cabin crew and ground crew. They would also then need to replace the simulators and redesign the cabin to fit the cabins. It is a lot less expensive.

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