Cathay Dragon Livery for the A320 and A330

Would love to see the Cathay dragon for the A320 and A330

Stunning livery - you clearly have good taste!
Unfortunately, you have been beaten to it…

Best bit of advice would be to vote for these liveries there. Cheers!

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Adding on to Hippo,remember,only 1 picture per feature request. See more here,and remember to search before posting!


Oh sorry don’t ban me pls

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So would I. Therefore why not give my Request for the A330 a vote ;)

All the support and love is much appreciated ❤

Also I noticed that the current A320 request for the Cathay Dragon is nearly 3 years old now with only 2 votes. You could possibly ask a Mod to close it down for you and make a new one where you make a new Features Request for the Cathay Dragon A320 only 👍

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