Cathay Dragon ceased operation

Latest news about the Cathay Dragon.

As by 21st, Oct 2020, the Cathay Pacific Group announced that they will cease all flight operations for Cathay Dragon, due to the current financial situation.

The Cathay Pacific Group will cut 8500 staff for Cathay Dragon, also 5300 staff in the next few weeks. For the past year, the Cathay Pacific has felled 27.7% of its revenue compared to the year 2018, due to massive riots and protests, plus, the year 2020 is a horrible year for all aviation industries around the globe. Some experts forecasted that the aviation ministry will not go back to its normal by the year 2024. I know it is sad news, especially for some of my friends who were working for Cathay Dragon so hard.

I wish you all healthy and stay safe, and we will go through this crisis.

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RIP Cathay Dragon
1985 – 2020

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