Cathay A359 (HKG-MNL)

Recent flight from Hong Kong with an Cathay A359, using the last days of my pro sub.

Anyways,here is the details.

Flight Time: 1h 42min
Server: Expert
Callsign: EI-ATH
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Airline: Cathay Pacific

Taxiing to 07R behind another 77W blasting out of Hong Kong

Sunrise moonshot as the A350 climbs to FL350

Another view of the A350 climbing away from Chek lap kok i guess its the right name

Entering northern Philippines after passing South China Sea

Engine view at final approach

A350 being unloaded with engines off.

Thats all for now folks, see yall next time!


1 and 2 were really good! 1 was eye candy.

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Great shots that moonshot was amazing!

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Those are amazing!

Absolutely mouth opening

or whatever the expression is

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I love Manila, thank you :)


Great photos there, I like the first two!

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Nice shots 👌

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I think you mean jaw dropping :) Great pictures @MissRosa


It should be a good flight!!

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