Cathay (A333) , Singapore (B773), Batik (A320), Garuda (B738), Lion (B739), Citilink (A320) Spotting

Lion and Batik
Batik and Citilink

Cathay’s B-LBF (CGK-HKG) and Singapore’s Star Alliance Livery 9V SYL (CGK-SIN)

Garuda at T2

Garuda’s B738 Approaching CGK

Sorry for Low Quality Images. My Car went So Fast 😅

There’s always a car right there whenever your about to get the perfect photo😄 Seriously though don’t be so harsh on yourself, with a small amount of cropping those photos would be perfect😄

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Thanks 😁 I Should Try it Next Time

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Sorry but these are actually the worst plane spotting pics I’ve ever seen.

Would you call me a plane spotter if I took a picture of an airplane overflying my house at 8.000 ft? ;)

Try to get closer to the aircrafts.

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Damn that’s harsh!

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Just thought I’d demonstrate the power of cropping so I edited two of your images, sorry for doing this without permission

Granted they are a bit thin and I’m sure a professional editor could do a far better job but I thought I’d give you a few hints for next time.
Unfortunately I don’t get much time to do any spotting other than when I’m at an airport because my nearest airport is 2 hours away and it gets very few flights a day

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@Laurens You don’t have to say sorry 😁, I Have to admit that This one is the worst. Maybe Next Time, I Should do some Spotting inside the Airport, not from the Outside 😊 and Yeah, The Road is Quite Far from the Road so it made me Hard to take some photos ☺ Btw Thanks for your suggestion
@Talkingribzz You don’t have to say sorry 😁. Btw The Picture looks Great and I Should Try it Next Time 😉. Thanks a Lot!