Cathay 844 HKG-JFK

Fueling And Waiting for my Passengers to Board

Hey! Nice photo! But, This would be better suited for #screenshots-and-videos and to post in that category you must remove the hud or else it would get closed. You could crop the photo to remove the hud. Additionally here are the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category.

Takeoff from a Beautiful HKG and stowing the gear for a long 14hr flight

Make that sharp Turn to the West to head to the States.

Crushing Over Japan and A Lovely Sunset over the Pacific.

This has to be the best part of the flight Flying the downwind into Kennedy and I got my very own personal Escort. Does anyone know him/her could you tag them I would love to say Thank You to them.

On final to land on RWY 4R at Kennedy but never got to because as soon as I changed my view to the cockpit the game crashed😔😔

Oops my bad I’m new to the forum so I wasn’t aware of the rules of sharing photos next time I will edit it out glad you like the pics.

Do you see the little camera button in the bottom right? That will take a screenshot without the HUD and with even better quality. I recommend using that next time!

Ohk thank you.

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