Cathay 113 Seasonal flight to Christchurch

Cathay 113 Seasonal flight from Hong Kong to Christchurch

Aircraft: Airbus A330-300 (A33R)
Engine: 2x Rolls-Royce Trent 700
Livery: Cathay Pacific
Callsign: Cathay 113
Server: Casual
Cruise: FL350
Flight time: 11 Hours 2 Minutes
Departure runway: 25L (VHHH)
Approach runway: 02 (NZCH)

Starting at Gate S31 in Hong Kong International

Taxiing to runway 25L


Cruising over Philippines with FL350

Over Indonesia

Entering Oceania during Sunrise

View of the Mount Adams during descending to Christchurch

Landing at runway 02 in Christchurch Airport

Taxiing to gate

Finished the Cathay 113 Seasonal flight

Hope you to see you again! Thank you and enjoy the day :)

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  • Night take-off from Hong Kong
  • Beautiful Sunrise
  • Enjoying the view of Mount Adams

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Dang, nice route! I personally loved the mountain shot! I was supposed to go to Christchurch last year, but it got cancelled due to the virus. Cool photos!

Cool, pics, but sorry for being the realism police, but IRL Cathay uses their A350 instead of their A330 :)